Tech Connection

Tech Connection was created in 2013 to provide families with affordable computer purchasing options for students in Napa County schools.
Students in all Napa County schools now have access to devices for their schoolwork. Many schools offer a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program or let students check out computers to bring home for the school year. Because of the success of the Tech Connection and the ability of the schools to provide devices, NapaLearns has discontinued selling computers at this time. The device currently available in Napa County schools is the Dell 11″ chromebook, with 4GB memory and a 16GB hard drive.
NapaLearns will continue to collect payments for purchased devices at the Music Connection office, 2425 Jefferson Street, or by mail to NapaLearns, 2121 Imola Avenue.

For additional information, contact NapaLearns @ (707) 265-2712 or Email: