Vision Statement

All students in Napa County are fully engaged in school, maximizing their abilities, and prepared for success after graduation.

Key indicators that we are achieving our vision include:

  • Improved scores on high stakes tests as well as alternative performance-based tests that measure the 4 C’s
  • Closing the achievement gap
  • Increased student engagement, increased attendance, fewer suspensions, expulsions, and dropouts
  • Increased satisfaction of teachers, parents, and community members
  • Increase in students attending and graduating from institutions of higher education including 2-4 year colleges and technical and career-based education
  • Increase in students and graduates participating in civic and community activities
  • Increase in graduates ultimately entering successful careers

Mission Statement

In partnership with all Napa County school districts and the County Office of Education, NapaLearns encourages the success of EVERY student by providing resources, funding, and thought leadership to help district staff adopt innovations in teaching and learning focused on the demands of the future.

Areas of focus include:

  • Early childhood reading and math
  • Project-based learning opportunities in grades K-12
  • Technology and Internet access for all
  • Ongoing professional development for leaders and teachers

Guiding Principles

  • Support implementation of common systems, programs, and assessments, with customized solutions for the unique needs of every district and school
  • Provide ‘seed’ funding with the districts contributing additional funds to replicate, scale, and sustain initiatives
  • Commit to the success of all students, with a focus on those who are under performing, including English Language Learners, students with limited resources, and those who are disengaged
  • Implement rigorous program evaluation, progress tracking, and reporting annual results against measurable goals and objectives
  • Apply a systems approach to district and school transformation, i.e., alignment of purpose, culture, structures, and instructional programs, to achieve the goals