Goals 2016-2017

NapaLearns’ 2016-2017 Strategic Goals:

  • Initiative 1 // Innovative Education Portfolio

Help districts incubate and scale best practice programs to accelerate student achievement in the Common Core State Standards and the 6Cs (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, character, citizenship).

  • Initiative 2 // Technology Enablement

Partner with district leadership and IT departments to provide teacher and student technology solutions for all schools.

  • Initiative 3 // Measurement, Evaluation, and Research

Measure and communicate the impact of NapaLearns innovative programming in Napa County schools related to student outcomes.

  • Initiative 4 // Fundraising and Development

Implement a fundraising and development plan to raise $1.8m per year that ensures that programs continue to expand, that new opportunities can be initiated, that maintains a reserve, and that ensures adequate staff is in place to support sustaining and expanding programs.

  • Initiative 5 // Communication and Community Engagement

Create a communication and community outreach strategy based on the theme “Investing in the Next Napa Valley Innovators” and plan to build support for NapaLearns programs and innovative county and district programs.

  • Initiative 6 // Organization Capacity Building

Continuously build the organizational capacity of NapaLearns to manage operations, effectively raise funds, and effectively and efficiently deliver programmatic goals.


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