September 2017 Board Member Spotlight

NapaLearns is proud to feature Dan Lynch in this issue’s Board Member Spotlight!dan lynch

After graduating from UCLA with a masters degree in mathematics, Dan went on to study missiles (aka rocket science!), artificial intelligence at the Stanford research institute, and became a founding member of both the Internet Society and CyberCash, the technology behind PayPal.

As a founder and longstanding member of the NapaLearns Board, Dan consistently shares his passion for math and computer science by supporting initiatives for students that foster critical thinking and creativity. He is also a longtime friend and colleague of Chuck McMinn, NapaLearns Chairman.

For Dan, supporting NapaLearns is a prime example of evidence-based giving. He is personally aligned with our mission to adopt innovations in teaching and learning focused on the demands of the future.

Dan firmly believes that in addition to a healthy sense of curiosity, programming skills are critical for students to be successful in 21st century careers. He is especially passionate about supporting the maker movement program, which teaches students how to use the engineering design process and real world challenges to spark discovery and activate engaging, authentic learning experiences.

With Dan’s support, NapaLearns recently sponsored four makerspaces in schools across Napa County. NapaLearns has expanded the maker movement by funding seven ‘maker carts’ in additional schools.

“The maker movement is not only a fun thing to do, it is a great way to get kids engaged in learning.”

Dan is a valued member of the NapaLearns team, and we appreciate his continued support as NapaLearns strives to support the success of all Napa County students.

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