May 2018: Introducing the Accelerate Math Program

Poor achievement in math is one of the biggest barriers to student success in college

Peg Maddocks, Ph.D, Executive Director
Published on May 14, 2018

Instructional coaching in math improves student performance

Do you know that poor achievement in math is one of the biggest barriers to student success in college? And, whether students perceive they are a “math person” or not begins around the third grade, which is often the result of how they are taught.

NapaLearns has committed over $300,000 to ensure that Napa Valley Unified School District students have the support they need to succeed in mathematics by focusing on our teachers. The Accelerate Math program helps to quicken the math instruction learning curve by incorporating online demonstration lessons by experts, educator goal-setting, and video-based observation and feedback for teachers.

Watch the enclosed video and read how our coaching model is working from our first teacher coach, Barb Corna, who mentors a cohort of 30 other teachers from Northwood, Snow, West Park, and Yountville elementary schools. Already one school has measured a 10% improvement in math results!

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The art of teaching math

by Barb Corna, Academic Specialist and Math Instruction Coach, Northwood Elementary School

“Okay, everybody! Put away your books and get ready for our weekly, timed math test.” Do the words, ‘timed math test’ make your stomach clench just a little? Those words often bring back memories of math anxiety along with a long-term fear of math.

Read more to see how teaching math is changing.

NapaLearns and NVUSD rethink the way students learn math

Watch this short video to see how Northwood Elementary School is continually improving their student performance in math by changing how teachers teach it.

Barb Corna, Northwood Elementary School


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