Napa Valley Vintners Grant $2.8 Million for Children’s Education

NapaLearns awarded $500,000

Noel Brinkenhoff, Napa Valley Register
Published on September 12, 2016

The Napa Valley Vintners has again provided millions of dollars in support for programs and nonprofits helping children succeed inside and outside the classroom.

About $2.8 million from this year’s Auction Napa Valley will be distributed through grants to 10 local organizations, plus the Vintners’ own Napa Valley Early Learning Initiative (NVELI).

“The generous funding from the Napa Valley Vintners helps NapaLearns support professional development for hundreds of teachers as they transform learning from old world lectures and worksheets to engaging 21st century project-based learning for thousands of students every day,” Peg Maddocks said.

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