PMIEF Grant to NapaLearns Brings Training to Teachers and PM Knowledge to Youth

Grant supports integration of the PMIEF’s Project Management Toolkit for Teachers™ into their classrooms

Kendra Modzelewski, PMIEF
Published on June 12, 2016

NapaLearns, a Project Learning Network member, is committed to engaging Napa County students in school, maximizing their abilities and  preparing them for success after graduation.

Executive Director Peg Maddocks, Ph.D. explained the enthusiasm for project management (PM) curriculum, saying “[Project management] is an incredibly valuable skill to use in your everyday life.  To learn it as a student, you learn how to be a member of a team but you also learn how to be a leader of a team.”  She continued that NapaLearns has a goal: “We want every student to experience real-world, authentic projects.  We believe in giving students real-world language and real-world tools in delivering these projects.  It makes them more credible.”

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