Bringing project-based learning to more than 11,000 students in Napa County

Beginning in 2012, NapaLearns has supported the transformation of 13 K-12 schools in four vertical feeder systems, reaching more than 11,000 students and more than 540 teachers. Through our unique public-private partnership, NapaLearns supports the largest countywide project-based learning (PBL) educational transformation in the country.

How NapaLearns Supports Project-based Learning

True public school transformation does not happen on a class-by-class or school-by-school basis. It works best along a K-12 “vertical” system of feeder schools so that a child can proceed from preschool through high school in a project-based learning environment with trained teachers and technology-infused classrooms.

PBL is not a standalone program, it requires a systems change approach where entire school cultures, policies, and practices align with this new way of teaching. Transitioning to PBL can be difficult, especially for seasoned educators who are used to traditional teaching methods.

NapaLearns focuses its efforts on equipping teachers so that they are successful as PBL is implemented school-wide. Extensive training is focused on Rigorous PBL by Design as teachers learn to create more challenging and authentic projects for deeper learning.

Our Participating Schools

Napa Valley Unified School District

Elementary Schools: Canyon Oaks Elementary • Donaldson Way Elementary • Napa Junction Elementary • Phillips Elementary • Yountville Elementary
Middle Schools: American Canyon Middle • Redwood Middle • River Middle • Silverado Middle
High Schools: American Canyon High • Napa High • New Tech High • Vintage High