C-STEM Robotics

Equipping our students with the skills of the future

NapaLearns is deeply committed to providing all students with the opportunity to learn and excel in mathematics through coding and robotics. Using the revolutionary UC Davis C-STEM curriculum, students are able to demonstrate their mastery of advanced mathematical concepts by coding robots that execute complex programs. Students program these robots in a C/C++ environment, meaning they’re learning a practical and in-demand programing language. These coding skills will ensure that our students are prepared for and excited about the careers of the future.

NapaLearns seed-funds startup costs for teachers in secondary classrooms who will deliver these courses as part of the mathematics curriculum. For three years, we will fund the expansion of the program as the districts sustain earlier cohorts.


  • The United States ranks 40th in math and 25th in science on the 2015 PISA exam.
  • 3 million STEM jobs in the United States are unfilled because of a lack of skilled workers; STEM workers earn 29% more than those in other professions.
  • There are 7 million open jobs across all industry sectors that require some form of coding, including manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and media/entertainment; programming jobs are growing 12% more than the market average.
  • 75% of STEM workers have a college degree as compared to one-third of non-STEM workers.
  • 84% of all STEM jobs are filled by white or Asian males. Girls and minorities must be encouraged to join and be prepared for the field.
  • Only 34% of Napa County students are at or above grade level in mathematics. 48% of Napa County students are socio-economically disadvantaged and 67% are ethnically diverse.

Theory of Action: If we invest in providing students with hands-on learning experiences in STEM, they will be better prepared to compete in today’s job market. Through the C-STEM program students will become aware of a variety of career opportunities and will see a clear pathway through high school and college to successfully joining the workforce.


Coding and Robotics in Math Courses
In partnership with school districts, we are able to offer middle and high school students Math 1 and Math 2 with Computing and Robotics, an alternative to a traditional math course. This revolutionary new course makes math more engaging by leveraging coding and robotics to teach students algebra, geometry, and advanced mathematical concepts.   


Equipping our Classrooms
In partnership with UC Davis and Barobo, we equip classrooms with robotics equipment, software, textbooks, and supplies that enable high-quality, hands-on learning experiences. Our funding also supports every participating school in launching an after school robotics club so that students can competitively demonstrate their learning and build perseverance.   

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Professional Development
Teacher professional development is critical to enabling a successful implementation of the C-STEM program. All of the instructors who teach C-STEM courses go through extensive training that provides them with the skills and mindset needed to teach students how to master mathematics through coding and robotics.

Napa Valley Unified School DistrictAmerican Canyon High School • St. Helena High School • Vintage High School Valley Oak High School • American Canyon Middle School • Redwood Middle School



  • UC Davis – CSTEM | Creators of the C-STEM curriculum
  • BAROBO | Inventors of the LinkBot
  • Soft Integration | Software provider for Ch Pro, a C/C++ programing environment