NapaLearns Fellows

NapaLearns strongly believes that professional development for leaders and teachers is key to the success of the initiatives that our district partners implement. We invest heavily in a variety of instructional, technology, and leadership development opportunities that apply powerful action-learning strategies to support educational transformation in Napa County.

NapaLearns Fellows: Touro University California Master’s Program

NapaLearns is proud to provide tuition support for teachers to earn their Master’s degree in Educational Technology. The NapaLearns board and district partners collaborate with the Touro Graduate School of Education staff to design curriculum that prepares teachers for the 21st century learning approaches happening in Napa County schools, including project-based learning, personalized digital curriculum and assessment, and use of digital tools and resources.

Meet the Fellows

“As a ‘veteran’ teacher, it was a perfect opportunity to sharpen my skills and up my game by learning about the latest trends and innovations in the field of education. My focus in the program was to explore ways to engage all students in their learning and to make what they worked on in school relevant.”
– Terry Messner, NapaLearns Fellow

Graduates of the program meet ISTE and State Technology Standards for Teachers. As part of their program, each teacher is required to investigate a district, school, or classroom problem and create a capstone project that gives back to their district and to NapaLearns by sharing research on the effectiveness of technology-enhanced learning, creating a model for others to follow, or producing teacher development materials that others can use. By 2015 45% of the Fellows had been promoted to leadership positions!

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Conferences, Workshops, Certifications, and Coaching

Every year we help expand the capabilities of hundreds of teachers and administrators by sponsoring their participation in professional development opportunities including:

Administrators enjoy working together at leadership workshops

Administrators enjoy working together at leadership workshops.