Thanks to Napa Valley Vintners for supporting education

Published on January 6, 2020

During this season of gratitude, I would like to recognize the amazing generosity of the Napa Valley Vintners with a 2019 grant of $400,000. The NapaLearns board, Napa County school districts’ trustees, leaders, teachers, and students all appreciate the support we’ve received over the past decade.

With total funding of $3.252 million from Auction Napa Valley, we have been fortunate to serve as a catalyst for innovation in our public schools.

With $945,000, we seed-funded the purchase of several thousand Chromebooks and iPads and now, with sustaining funding from the districts, every school in Napa County has a one-to-one computer environment for all K-12 students.

We have invested over $2 million in teacher professional development for 1,000 teachers to improve math instruction, implement project-based learning, and integrate technology into the curriculum.

More than 160 teachers have participated in our NapaLearns Fellows program, receiving $5,000 tuition scholarships for their masters degrees in Innovative Learning from Touro University.

Most importantly, because of the generosity of the NVV, our teachers feel supported and recognized for their hard work and dedication to the success of their students. Through its contributions to NapaLearns, the Napa Valley Vintners is investing in education that will make Napa County an economically thriving and vibrant community for years to come.

Peg Maddocks, Executive Director