• BEP Recommendation

    The Napa Valley Business Education Partnership recommends to NVUSD that they institute a different kind of high school program, as graduates are unprepared to enter the modern workplace.
  • New Tech Planning

    New Tech High Planning Committee comprised of business and community leaders convenes.
  • New Tech Opens

    The first New Tech High in the country opens its doors in Napa.
  • First Grant

    First Gates Foundation grant of $4.9M provided to establish New Tech Foundation.
  • Second Grant

    Second Gates Foundation grant $14.9M provided to disseminate New Tech High model nationwide (there are currently 200+ New Tech High schools across the country).
  • SC21

    Student-centered 21st Century Education (SC21) effort initiated in Napa to scale best New Tech practices district-wide; RES Foundation and Auction Napa Valley matching grants of $1M each completed in 2011.
  • New Tech Network

    New Tech Foundation merges with KnowledgeWorks resulting in the New Tech Network, a nonprofit focused on expanding national dissemination efforts of New Tech High Schools, the fastest growing high school reform in the nation.
  • NapaLearns Established

    American Canyon High School (the first New Tech Comprehensive High School) opens and NapaLearns establishes itself as a 501(c)3 nonprofit with board members who are educators, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. NapaLearns receives pledges totaling $2 million over 4 years. ST Math is implemented in 47 classrooms in Napa County. SC21 continues in 4 high schools with 1,400 students.
  • Digital Early Learning

    NapaLearns launches Digital Early Learning program in preschool and kindergarten classrooms using the iPad for 200 students. ST Math expands to 117 classrooms. Project-based learning (PBL) expands to middle schools for a total of 976 students. SC21 continues for 2,500 students. NapaLearns sponsors 11 teachers to receive their Master’s in Educational Technology from Touro University.
  • Executive Director

    NapaLearns hires first executive director and creates three-year strategic plan. Digital Early Learning programs in reading and math planned to expand to more schools and grades in 2012-2013. Middle and high school PBL planned to expand to more schools and grades. Technology acquisitions continue to accelerate. Partnerships developed with the New Tech Network, the League of Innovative Schools, and Buck Institute of Education.
  • NapaLearns Fellows

    The NapaLearns Fellows program expands to 54 Napa County teachers completing their Master’s in Education Technology at Touro University.
  • Impressive Results

    New Tech Network high school seniors outperform 68% of 4-year college freshmen with similar backgrounds and abilities on key indicators of higher order thinking skills called the College and Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA). On the California STAR test, 4,000 students in 14 schools using an individualized digital math program increased their scores on average by 11% compared to a control group at 7%.
  • NexTech Expansion

    In the Napa Valley Unified School District, 10 K-12 schools transition to technology-enabled project-based learning (PBL). These include four “verticals” of feeder schools where students can progress from kindergarten through high school in the 21st Century model. Calistoga Joint Unified School District and Howell Mountain Elementary School begin their journey to PBL.
  • Digital Early Learning Expansion

    The Napa County Office of Education and NapaLearns collaborate to fund a countywide Footsteps2Brilliance literacy app. All preschoolers have free access to this research-based program, available on any device. Within 9 months after launching, over 760 kids accessed 6.4 million words through digital books, games, and learning activities.
  • NexTech Results

    Seniors at Napa New Tech High and American Canyon High grow more over four years than comparison schools (mostly private schools) on a national test of critical thinking skills (The College & Work Readiness Assessment)–158% and 145% more growth– ready for college!
  • Access to Technology for All

    The NapaLearns Tech Connection program sells over 700 low cost computers on a payment plan to secondary students participating in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. Over 1,500 Napa County kids access Footsteps2Brilliance and have been experienced over 12 million words.
  • NapaLearns Fellows Success

    By the Spring of 2016, 105 teachers have enrolled in or have graduated from the Touro University Masters in Ed Tech program. 99% have stayed in Napa County schools and 35% of them serve in leadership positions.