Top 3 Reasons to Attend the North Bay Learning Innovation Summit

Where can teachers go to be inspired?

Mario Piombo, Director of Innovation, NapaLearns
Published on October 27, 2020

Q. Where can teachers share their successes and challenges in teaching in a digital environment? Or collaborate and gain the collective wisdom of other teachers?

A: The North Bay Learning Innovation Summit!

Dreambox, North Bay CUE, NapaLearns, the Napa County Office of Education, and Learnshift are partnering to provide 20 sessions led by K-12 teachers for K-12 teachers. Our goal is for educators to supercharge their digital classrooms and we can’t wait to see what our teacher presenters share!

The Top 3 Reasons to Attend

Shared inspiration

Teachers aren’t born great teachers; teaching is a complex craft that requires on-the-job training and participation in training led by your peers.

Skills such as designing a strong lesson plan with the right pacing or building positive relationships among students online can’t be learned by reading a book.

The North Bay Learning Innovation Summit offers interactive sessions as well as hands-on workshops. Collaboration and conversations with your teaching colleagues help you grow, raise you up, and bring you back to the real reason you teach. 

Credibility and trust

When your teaching colleagues share what they do with technology in their classrooms, we see trust and respect in the audience.

The presenters at the North Bay Learning Innovation Summit aren’t outsiders — they are educators explaining how they did this work with the same students and same restrictions that every teacher who is sitting in that session faces, day in and day out. We are providing teachers a safe space to learn and try new ideas and practices from the people they trust, their peers. 

It’s fun to learn with and from colleagues

Teachers speak the same language and share common experiences that can and do happen to all of us. Every teacher has dealt with similar situations, and their shared understanding makes it easy to engage in deep learning that matters, particularly in a digital classroom.

The North Bay Learning Innovation Summit provides teacher-led professional development so teachers can listen to each other, share their ideas and get ideas from others, and in the process, gain an awesome learning experience.

Join us and don’t come alone!

Bring your school colleagues and teaching friends so you all come back with stronger online teaching practices. As a result, the impact across your school will be exponential. 

It’s Not Too Late to Be a Speaker

If you’re interested in presenting, we’d love to hear from you!

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