Touro University dishes out Lamplighter awards

Published on November 22, 2019

The  Farragut Inn Ballroom was filled with dignitaries and company/community leaders Nov. 17 in celebration of Touro University California’s third annual Lamplighter Gala and Awards ceremony.

Touro University honors community members

The university honored nine community members and/or organizations that have devoted their time, talent and expertise to serving the public good and making significant, demonstrable and direct contributions to society’s well-being.

“The Lamplighter provides scholarships to diverse students who are dedicated to fulfilling Touro’s mission of social justice and service to the community,” explained 2018 recipient, Jeremy “Teekz” Yenpasook, an immigrant and cancer survivor. He came to TUC in 2017 to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor.

Award winners include NapaLearns

This year, CEO and Senior Provost Shelley Berkley and Provost and CAO Dr. Sarah Sweitzer recognized the following awardees:

  • Lamplighter in Community Mobilization: Liz Gibboney, CEO, Partnership HealthPlan of California
  • Lamplighters in Education: NapaLearns and PG&E
  • Lamplighter in Health: Dignity Health & St. Joseph’s Medical Center
  • Lamplighter in Social Justice Advocacy: Tessa Stecker, MD, Kaiser Permanente
  • Bernard Lander Lamplighter Alumni Awards:   Ari Ramos, MPH, College of Education and Health Sciences; Saad Sultan, Pharm.D, College of Pharmacy; James M. Wilson, DO, LT, MC (FS/FMF), USNR, College of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • Touro began the Lamplighter Awards last year to honor leaders who set an example for others in the areas of health, education, community mobilization and social justice.
Napa County Superintendent Barb Nemko, NapaLearns Executive Director Peg Maddocks, NapaLearns Board Member Laura Masters, and NapaLearns Director of Innovation, Mario Piombo

“In the Jewish tradition, lamplighters are pillars of the community,” said  Berkley. “We are honored to have them with us here this evening.”

The Touro Bull Award was also presented to Tom Phillips, General Manager of Recology Vallejo for displaying the noble, unbeatable spirit of the Touro Bull and being a champion of bringing the Solano County community together.

Keynote Speaker of the evening, California Lt.  Gov. Eleni Kounalakis congratulated the awardees and expressed her gratitude to TUC for being the state’s leader in producing health care providers who enter into primary care positions. Kounalakis is the first female Lieutenant Governor of California and was previously Ambassador to Hungary.

This article appeared originally in the Vallejo Times-Herald on November 22, 2019.