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Information Sessions Are Open for Spring 2021

We are getting ready to kick-off the new Spring Term! Please join us for one of our upcoming information sessions in January 2021.

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All sessions will be held at 5:00pm PT. 

  • Technology: Tuesday, 1/19/2021 – Introduction to Cisco Cybersecurity and Cisco CyberOps
  • Marketing: Wednesday, 1/20/2021 – Google Digital Marketing Fundamentals and Facebook Marketing
  • Digital Design: Thursday, 1/21/2021 – Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premier

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Who Should Enroll in the Academy?

Anyone at the high school level or beyond, who is interested in learning about or pursuing a digital career, is invited to participate. The program is open to participants who live or work in Napa County. Digital careers include such professions as listed below and more:

  • Architects and 3-D modeling designers
  • Graphic designers
  • IT Support engineers
  • Social media marketers
  • Software engineers

You need to be willing to invest as little as 1 hour/week and up to 6 hours/week to build the skills needed to qualify for these certifications.

The program is well-suited for individuals who are willing to work online with a cohort of like-minded people combined with instructor support and mentorship. In particular, it benefits people who are: 

  • High school students or beyond wanting to go deeper and faster in preparing themselves for future careers or seeking to explore and expand their horizons
  • Considering an alternative to high-priced colleges
  • Looking to earn a good salary in jobs that are in high demand

Spring 2021 Courses

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Benefits of Technical Certifications

The Academy offers courses leading to certifications from Autodesk, Adobe, Cisco and/or Google. It focuses on digital certifications because the pandemic has also revealed that businesses have never needed technology more than now. As they become increasingly technology dependent, our reliance on a workforce that is skilled in digital tools and has the ability to innovate new solutions through technology will continue to grow, too.

The benefits of earning a certification are many:

  • Signal to potential employers and prospective colleges that you have determination and rise to challenges
  • Demonstrate mastery of up-to-date skills in career fields that are rapidly changing 
  • Gain a competitive advantage by having industry-recognized skills that can set you apart 
  • Fast-track yourself into an entry level digital career without incurring a lot of student debt
  • Be identified as someone who is thinking ahead, who can set and achieve goals, and who can bring initiative and commitment to the table
  • Build pride and self confidence

Watch Our Career Exploration Seminar Series

This summer we held weekly, 90-minute introductory seminars that were a deep dive into each Field of Study. Attendees heard from the course providers about what to expect, as well as from individuals who have pursued these certifications and their resulting careers.

You can watch these seminars below:

Course Subject  Speaker / Expertise
Digital Design

Gary Strommen, Autodesk 
Lisa Gottfried, Adobe

Digital Marketing

Claudette Shatto, Google Marketing Fundamentals


Dave Harden, Python Essentials

Information Technology

Craig Blackmon, IT Support
Travis Eliason, Cybersecurity

Courses Begin

Once we have gauged interest and assembled the cohorts, the Spring Term courses will begin in March 2021. A minimum of 10 students is needed to launch a course.