Film Festival Announces Student Competition

Napa Valley Register
Published on January 26, 2017

The Napa Valley Film Festival, NapaLearns and the Napa County Office of Education are launching the 2017 Napa County Student Short Film Competition for high school students who live or study in Napa County.

“Until now, we’ve been encouraging students to enter the California Student Media Festival, and even had a winner from American Canyon two years ago”, said Barbara Nemko, Napa County Superintendent of Schools. “We would like to see more students participate in filmmaking, and having a film competition of our own here in Napa County, overseen by the Napa Valley Film Festival, seems like a great way to make this happen.”

The competition will provide an opportunity for student winners to showcase their film projects at the Napa Valley Film Festival, set for Nov. 8-12 and also give student entrants a chance to hone their storytelling and technical skills at a series of free filmmaking workshops led by film industry veterans.

These workshops will be presented by the Napa Valley Film Festival and NapaLearns, a local education nonprofit.

“The NVFF Student Short Film Competition aligns perfectly with NapaLearns’ mission to support student success through new and innovative approaches to teaching and learning,” said Mario Piombo, director of innovation for NapaLearns. “In addition to educator support, NapaLearns is looking forward to partnering with the Napa Valley Film Festival to design and implement hands-on student workshops that help prepare students who are interested in participating in the Napa County Student Film Competition.”

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