Career Readiness

Helping students make solid decisions about their post-secondary experience

Many students – and their teachers – are unaware of the rich employment opportunities available in Napa County and nearby regions. With major industries like hospitality, healthcare, wineries, construction, and technology in our backyards, students need opportunities to explore their interests and passions, then be exposed to and gain experience in a variety of workplaces.

Knowing what careers are available and what skills are needed can help students decide whether college or professional-technical preparation is right for them after high school. This journey can start as early as kindergarten and continue throughout the 12 years of school.

NapaLearns in partnership with Napa County Office of Education and Workforce Alliance of the North Bay launched new initiatives in 2018-2019 to help students become more informed about career paths, both to inform them about their best choices, as well as helping them decide whether college is right for them; and if so, what majors will be best to pursue in terms of their career goals.

The Challenge

  • Jobs available in Napa County or the North Bay region are not being filled
    • Napa County jobless rate is 3.6% — there are more jobs than qualified workers available to fill them
    • 30% of the labor force is in the gig economy, such as contractors or other short-term positions, growing to 50% by 2030
    • It’s taking longer to find and hire professionals, averaging as much as four months with 6,200 jobs unfilled in Napa County
  • The average number of students-to-school counselor ratio is 482-1
    • This results in many students not being exposed to the career options available in Napa County industries — healthcare, hospitality, government, wine and more
  • On average, 70% of Napa County students attend college, but fewer than 50% obtain a degree
    • Uncertainty about which career paths to pursue affects college dropout rates

Our Work

Our Partners

Our partners play an important role in helping us bring career awareness to all students in Napa County.