Technology-Infused Teaching

Teachers leveraging technology to reimagine the way students learn and achieve

In order to prepare students for their futures, teachers must transform their practices from lectures, textbooks, and worksheets to technology-infused, student-centered learning.

Professional development and coaching enable teachers to successfully shift their instruction to innovative approaches that unleash new and previously unimagined learning outcomes into their classrooms.

The Challenge

  • Innovative EdTech tools are becoming increasingly important in education. Many teachers are unfamiliar with technologies and strategies that engage students in their learning and help manage their classrooms.
  • Teachers need to be able to prepare students for jobs that don’t exist yet and a global economy that is increasingly reliant on technology. Students need to learn core technology skills that are commonly required in the workplace.
  • Traditional graduate programs for teachers are often expensive, require time and travel investments, and do not prepare them for today’s tech-infused teaching environments.

Our Work

Providing teachers with the tools and strategies they need to transform their teaching practice.

Fellows Program

Provides Napa County educators with 50% tuition to earn their Master’s degree in Innovative Learning online at Touro University


A teacher-led series of free presentations and hands-on workshops that expose educators to the latest EdTech tools and strategies    

Our Impact


Invested in Educational Technology professional development programs


Teachers trained in technology tools and strategies through NapaLearns programs


Teachers have received Master’s degrees in Innovative Learning from Touro University

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Our Featured Partners

Our partners play an important role in helping us reach and engage Napa County teachers to adopt teaching innovations and improve learning outcomes.