‘Maker Movement’ Makes Its Way into Napa Valley Schools

School can be more than sitting stationary in a desk while listening to a lecture or reading a textbook

Maria Sestito, Napa Valley Register
Published on February 25, 2017

To the folks at NapaLearns, a local non-profit, [school is] about innovation. It’s about getting kids interested in not only computers, but engineering and design as well.

To help do just that, NapaLearns, which helps fund new programs at local schools, awarded seven teams from Napa Valley schools with grants that paid for “Maker Carts” as well as tools and supplies to be stored in the carts.

“We’re really hoping that these carts – coupled with the resources that we provide – are going to allow educators a really easy platform to introduce engineering into their classrooms,” said Mario Piombo, director of Innovation at NapaLearns.

Students, teachers and school staff came together on Saturday to build their new Maker Carts.

“It’s kind of exciting because it’s more fun to do things hands-on than sitting and learning,” said Annie Soudero, 12, a sixth-grader at Napa Valley Language Academy. Annie said that she thinks having the supplies will help students work together more.

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